Take control of your sleep—take control of your life.

Music for your brain.


iHelm puts you at the wheel of your well being. We’ve developed a specially engineered, 8-hour music sound track to take you into sleep and through the night. Compiled and recorded to combine all five brainwave frequencies—gamma, beta, alpha, theta and delta—this self-hypnotizing meditation album will optimize your brain’s ability to rest and reset. Your brain waves will literally change to match the waves in the music. When this happens, you will sleep as you never have before. And your body, mind and spirit will be clearer than ever before.

Our sound crew has been hard at work, and we’re releasing the album soon. Let us know if you’d like us to tell you when it’s available.

iHelm gives you the guidance to know how to gain control of your life and regain an abundance of energy and health. It all starts with a great night’s sleep, as a foundation for making other healthy choices and living your core values.


We put you at the helm.



of healthy adult sleep should be REM.


millions adults have a sleep disorder.


of adults report short sleep duration.

Sleep is the cornerstone to your health.

We know that truly restful sleep will give you direction and purpose to steer your life. Let iHelm help you. In addition to using our sound track, we provide technical, environmental and holistic solutions that will dramatically improve the quality of your sleep.